Cabinet Oseo brings together sculptor Celina Saubidet and designer María Molinelli Wells in a homage to the human body, rematerializing and transforming it into armor jewelry. Both daughters of MDs, their childhood connection with the human anatomy reappears playfully, expressing the artists growth. Each jewelry piece is small ready-to-wear scultpure. Sculpture piece and human body as a whole. A collection of parts. A collection of collections. A corpus corporum the unity of which remains unrevealed. The artists study the human anatomy to render visible the invisible. Bones, organs, skin and fluids take form in noble materials, irresistible to touch, smooth and bright, in sets of resistant pieces that, oddly enough, cristalize the fragility of the ephemeral human body. Brimming with meaning, each jewelry piece seems to keep a secret with no hide-out, a secret scattered, expanded and extended to all matter. Ornaments as protective shields inspired in their very nature make up this handcrafted collection of unique, limited series pieces.